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Case study - first home buyer

Dennis & Teresia

Dennis and Teresia are new home buyer and have successfully applied for a mortgage loan despite their complex financial situation.

First home buyer case study

Client requirements

The couple are a new home buyer and was looking to buy their first home in Australia. Whilst Dennis was waiting for his visa approval, this became a huge challenge for any mortgage loan application they wanted to apply. They were clueless on how and where they should start.

Dennis and Teresia decided to engage with us as they chanced upon our website that we were able to tackle difficult loans and that the team at New Property Specialists would be with them from start to end.

Client solution

We thoroughly looked through their financial situation and advised the couple on how to save for their deposit and recommended properties they could buy.

We’ve applied for the First Home Owner Grant for Dennis and Teresia, which they were successful in getting the $10,000 payment. After going through many various lenders, we were able to secure a mortgage loan for the couple with their low home deposit.

With little bumps in the buying process, the couple is pleased with the outcome and they’re excited to start their lives together in Australia.

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