We are licensed real estate agents specialising in the sale of brand new and near new properties. Brand new properties are properties that have just been built or that are in the process of being built. They can be houses, apartments, townhouses, villas, duplexes, triplexes etc.


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Let’s have a chat about your situation so that we can understand exactly where you are at in the buying process and what your fears, concerns and questions are. We will help you with the whole process and will do whatever it takes to find the property that is right for you.

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Sit back, relax. We do everything.

You literally have to do nothing except to keep a close watch on things to make sure that you are delighted with the way things are going while we do all the heavy lifting for you.


Cheaper, easier and much less frustrating.

And we do all this in a way that makes it cheaper, easier and less frustrating for you to use us than to do it yourself. Click here to see details of the packages we offer. Click here to see the Terms of our packages.


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